Mass Grave From The Middle Ages Discovered At Paris Supermarket

I used to work in a supermarket as a kid and the worst thing we ever saw in the backroom was maybe some rotten meat, moldy cheese or some milk a little past the expiration date. However beneath the Monoprix grocery store in Paris was discovered a mass grave with hundreds of human skeletons dating to the Middle Ages … that may be related to a plague or famine. Croissants anyone?

“Mass grave cleanup, aisle one, we’re going to need a mass grave cleanup aisle one.”

It turns out that the supermarket was built over what was once a medieval hospital, The Hopital de la Trinite, which was run by monks who served the poor.

Possible location of the Poltergeist reboot: Monoprix Supermarket.

During times of sickness such as when Paris was hit by the bubonic plague, the poor were buried in the mass hospital grave; the equivalent of the store discount bin if you will.

These market employees think it’s funny to go back there on their lunch break and ask them; “Paper or plastic?”

The hospital existed from the 12th to the 17th century only to be torn down in the 19th century, when the bodies from the grave were believed to have been relocated to the Paris Catacombs. It appears that they didn’t get all of them as these skeletons are hanging out a few dozen feet from the cream cheese and crepes.

These people were just stuck waiting in line to use the self-checkout lane.

Historians say that part of the hospital on the site also served as an orphanage. So you might want to think twice about buying that baguette at the market; it might be haunted by the soul of a 16th Century Parisian orphan.

Future site of a meat locker, yum.

Archeologists are busy excavating the site and examining the skeletons to date them and determine a cause of death. Afterward they will be reburied in a new location, according to the French head of cultural affairs.

Source: The Guardian

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