Marvel Finally Released A Human-Sized ‘Ant-Man’ Teaser Preview

Yesterday, Marvel fans got their first look at Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man movie only the joke was on us. The teaser released was literally ant-sized with imagery you couldn’t possibly decipher, which apparently was the point. Get it? Ant-Man? Okay, good.

Check out the tiny teaser below before getting frustrated enough to just watch the full-sized one.

Today, fans got a “human-sized” teaser preview advertisement for what will be an ACTUAL teaser during Tuesday’s Agent Carter on ABC. Whew, too many teasers, previews and ads if you ask me. Let’s just stick to one and call it a day. I’ve got laundry to do.

Check it out the teaser ad you can actually see below.

I for one don’t plan on watching Agent Carter seeing as most comic book tv shows are just truly awful (Flash isn’t too bad) but I am interested in seeing Paul Rudd try to pull off a comic character. What do you guys think?

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