Marvel Announces Some Movies Today, Fans Are Amazed For Some Reason

Today, the internet got their undies in a wad over the huge Marvel announcement made today at the El Capitan in Hollywood, CA. So what did they announce?? Well, hold onto your seats…Marvel Studios will be releasing a bunch of Marvel movies coming up soon! Hmm. Okay.

I know I’m going to be sarcastic on this one but I can’t help but think it’s funny everyone is excited about something we already knew was happening. Let’s break this down a bit. We already knew they were making a Captain America 3 (co-starring Iron Man), A Black Panther movie, Captain Marvel, Avengers cartoons, Guardians 2, Doctor Strange and a few more. Hell, we even found out who was playing Doctor Strange just yesterday. Today? We find out Strange’s release date which is 2016. Wow, let me just mark that in my calendar, Marvel and stare at it never. What else ya got? Unfortunately, that was about it.

My question is why was I the only one not caught off guard that Marvel will indeed continue to make their properties into films, sequels and cartoons? I mean, I’m excited to watch these movies as much as the next guy but we have kind of a while until we see anything from these movies, let alone more than likely these release dates (which I’m sure we will be reminded again and again by Marvel anyway, yes?) so maybe I’m missing the whole point.

To me, this whole announcement seems about as lame as the last Comic-Con with pretty much all of the cool announcements having already hit the web weeks if not days before. It’s like they enjoy doing everything backwards. Release the premiere dates online and hold the big stuff for these junkets, right? Apparently not.

People lining up to read some dates on a big screen.

Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans were on hand to help promote the upcoming releases, probably because Marvel realized that they were about to open up today’s “Black Friday” for comic nerds without much merchandise on hand. These two making an appearance is something we all could’ve guessed anyway. Now if James Spader came out doing his Ultron voice, then we’d really have something. But no.

Downey Jr. and Evans in person! Again.

There was one more surprise guest however. Chadwick Boseman, who made it official with today’s junket that he will be portraying Black Panther. Again, nothing mind-blowing because most knew he’d be playing Black Panther anyway. Here’s an article dated “about a year ago” already naming him as the Marvel character. Besides, most people don’t know who the guy is, thus most people won’t really care all that much in the first place. If Morgan Freeman walked on stage, I could see why everyone is crapping themselves. Don’t get me wrong, Boseman’s a solid actor, but…meh.

Exiting fans were then treated with a boring Black Panther poster, as press outlets remained in their seats for an official Q&A with Marvel Studios president Kevin Fiege. And not a whole lot of dazzle came out of that either. So the biggest news from the event? Marvel will be releasing some movies in the next couple of years with dates attached. Fart.

Maybe if Marvel had waited to screen the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer at this event, we’d have something to really gush over, but like everything else Marvel and DC have done thus far, they have released most information online anyway before any big press events. Why? Probably because they know we’ll eat up whatever they toss at us in a nice package, especially if most websites tell us that its super important or cool to know. Or maybe I’m just an old curmudgeon that asks more from my “big events”.

The bigger question, Marvel aside, is has the internet ruined big press days such as this?

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