Marvel Reveals What Their Thing Will Look Like In ‘Fantastic Four’

As we all know, Marvel is rebooting their Fantastic Four franchise with yet another version of the story even though Rise of the Silver Surfer was a more than decent sequel and heading in the right direction of what a Fantastic Four movie should be aside from one-liners and camera mugging. Sure the old cast is a tad outdated at this point, but the feeling was certainly getting there. Regardless, Marvel has decided to take the Four into more dramatic (and young) territory as we’ve seen with the previous teaser trailers, but today, Marvel has revealed a clear image of what Thing will look like played by Jamie Bell.

If you’re not aware, Jamie Bell is much trimmer and smaller than Michael Chiklis who last played Thing in the previous Fantastic Four films, so I can’t help but think the above version of Thing looks more like a kid in his dad’s suit. It certainly looks less rubbery, but that’s only because the character will be completely achieved through motion capture CGI. Yaaay?

Let’s check out Chiklis as Thing from the previous movies just for a comparison.

I think a lot of character and personality can be lost through motion capture and can already see the difference between the two above images comparatively. Either way, I think they still have time to turn the new Thing into the Rock Biter from The Never Ending Story. Might make for a better movie.

Anybody else thinkin’ Redbox rental?

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