What Does Spiderman Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe Mean?

Late yesterday word dropped that Marvel and Sony had reached a deal to bring Spiderman home where he belongs. Sony will still make bank on the character but, at long last, he can finally appear in movies alongside Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and many others, which is good because Spiderman and the Avengers often worked together in the comics and, being one of New York’s most prominent heroes, he crosses path with other characters constantly.  He gets around, is what we’re saying.

Now that Marvel has some creative control over the character, what does that mean? 

1- To start with, it means kiss this cat goodbye;

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Will work for food.

The little Englishman that couldn’t will not reprise his role, Andrew Garfield is out.  Probably means Emma Stone is out as Gwen Stacy as well. On the upside, you’ll never again have to endure the shiny blue Jamie Foxx abomination that was Electro.  Maybe

2- Turns out that the Sinister Six movie has not  been cancelled, just delayed.  Sony may still put this half-assed idea for a film together on its own leaving us all to wonder just who we’re supposed to root for in a movie featuring Rhino, Dr Octopus, Kraven the Hunter, Vulture, Green Goblin and the Chameleon if the teaser credits from that last Spiderman movie are to be believed.

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3 – Spiderman just rescheduled the whole Marvel universe, with many movies bein pushed back or their release dates being swapped.  Why?  To make room for this;

Spider-Man: July 28th, 2017

Yeah, it almost makes you want to cringe, doesn’t it?  The third Spiderman part 1 since 2002’s Spider-man with Tobey Maguire.  How does a movie get 3 part ones in 15 years anyway?   Bad management.  But hey, he’s home now, with the people who created him and who have dominated the world of comic book movies for several summers with their intense world of characters.  What could go wrong, right?

4 – Uncle Ben.  This is all up in the air right now, but if Spider-man gets rebooted again, does that means we, as an audience, have to endure literally the same movie a third time?  Hopefully Marvel knows at this point that no, they do not need to reintroduce Spiderman to us again.  He’s had 5 films in the last 13 years, we know him pretty well by now.  Just like DC no longer ever needs to explain where Superman or Batman came from, we all know Spiderman’s origin.  Please stop.

5- Crossover!  Another reason for the schedule shake up isn’t just to allow Marvel to cram a new Spiderman film into the schedule, it’s to include Spiderman other places as well, such as Captain America 3, which Marvel already wanted himto be a part of.  If you’re a reader of the comics you may know what Captain America: Civil War is about already, and however it’s handled in the movies one thing that it must include is many characters – they aren’t using the term “civil war” for nothing.  This will pit the Marvel universe against itself, so you’ll need all the Spidermen you can get.

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In the future, who knows what Marvel can pull out beyond its current initiative that seems likely to culminate in the Infinity War.  Can it get FOX to strike a deal for the characters they control and bring the X-men back into the Marvel fold?  If this deal with Sony works out, and it seems like it will, then who knows.  Could we finally see some of the epic crossovers of the marvel comics universe?  Could Spiderman and Wolverine finally throw down?  Hulk vs Thing? Avengers vs X-men?  The House of M? Secret Wars?  Is this paragraph too nerdy for the average movie goer?  Time will tell.