Marty & Doc Will Be Time Traveling To Visit Jimmy Kimmel Live Tonight

Good news. Today isn’t just a day of fans celebrating Back to the Future by exchanging Toyota sponsored videos featuring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd as themselves discussing 2015 technology. We’re actually going to see Doc Brown and Marty McFly come together for the first time since the 1990 sequel Back to the Future Part III. Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, the two actors in character will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live and he’s already teasing their appearance with at least one sweet photo. Holy sh*t, this is pretty cool.

With the DeLorean included, you can tell that’s Michael J. Fox in full Marty attire (including a wig) to portray the teenage time traveler. That’s pretty amazing, but how do we know that’s even Christopher Lloyd? He’s not tagged in the tweet so it could be Kimmel dressed up for all we know.

Nope, it’s definitely Christopher Lloyd. Democratic Candidate Bernie Sanders is appearing on Kimmel tonight as well and tweeted a pic of himself backstage with Doc Brown himself.

Being someone that used to work at Kimmel, I asked the writer who was involved with this bit to give me at least an idea of what they might be doing on the show. He said it was overall top secret, but to watch for their appearance during the monologue because they’re going to crash it. I hope he meant literally.

So make sure to tune into Kimmel tonight (11:35/10:35 central) to see this once in a lifetime appearance on Marty and Doc actually visiting Back to the Future fans in 2015. Heavy.