Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli Has Been Fired As CEO From All Of His Companies

The baked bean tooth asshole named Martin Shkreli who launched to fame by hiking the life saving drug used to help battle HIV from $13 to $750 per pill has been fired as CEO from KaloBios Pharmaceuticals today. Awesome.

No doubt this decision was made after Shkreli was arrested (and subsequently released on a $5 million bond) for possible securities fraud and conspiracy in which he would allegedly start up a new pharmaceutical company after bankrupting previous companies he had started in order to pay back hedge fund investors after bad trades.

Shkreli continued to do the opposite of making friends by buying the only copy of Wu Tang’s “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” album for $2 million dollars, which he then bragged about on his social media platforms. Let’s hope the judge during his trail isn’t a Tang fan.

Source: Shkreli’s twitter

Even though Shkreli pleaded Not Guilty to those allegations after his arrest by the FBI, there’s no word as to when his trial will take place. Shkreli however did let his Twitter followers know that he is confident that he will prevail, followed by “the allegations against me are baseless and without merit.”

Now that he has resigned as CEO from Turing and and fired from KaloBios Pharmaceuticals, I’d say it’s time the baked bean toothed son of a gun brush up on his fast food resume.