Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch Gave A Random McDonald’s Worker A $500 Present

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The NFL has taken quite a hit in the past few years due to stars beating up women, dealing with dog fights, and other acts of mindless thuggery. This background makes the story involving Seattle Seahawks’ star Marshawn Lynch doing a kind gesture without it being a mere ploy to get good media spin an all the more heart-warming anecdote.

Young McDonald’s employee Terrance Downs was mopping up when in walked Lynch, and Downs began a conversation that may have changed his life. “I told him I liked his shoes — navy blue Buscemis — and how I wanted to buy a pair and we all started talking,”

They discussed how Downs wanted to own a boutique someday, and clearly Lynch was touched by the young man’s passion. “If you’re serious about getting those shoes, here’s some money to help you get ’em. My job is to continue to see you grow.” He then gave Downs $500, which for the record probably isn’t enough to buy those shoes but is pretty close. We won’t get into the fact that’s just way too much money to spend on shoes, but will instead focus on the unsolicited act of generosity.

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For his part, Downs says that he’s even more incentivized to go out and make something of himself after the starry encounter, hoping that “I can do the same thing for someone else one day.”

Maybe the coolest part of this cool story is that it’s actually in character for the Seahawks’ star, as last year he returned a lost wallet to a fan’s house. Cleary this is a guy who was raised with real humility and empathy, two things that can easily be lost in the testosterone filled world of the NFL. Even if you hate the Seahawks, it’s pretty hard to dislike a man who (at least off the gridiron) exemplifies everything that’s good about the game. In fact, we wish him a long and healthy life – and to that end, hope he doesn’t eat at McDonald’s too often.

Source: TMZ