Hillbilly Tried To Blow Up Wal-Mart Because They Pulled Their Confederate Flags

Sure, the Confederate Flag is a “cool design” but the times are-a-changin’ and it just really holds the wrong connotations for some people, despite how much southern pride you might have. One resident in Mississippi loves the Confederate Flag so damn much, he really took it to heart when his local Walmart began to pull the Confederate Flag and all items bearing the design off the store’s shelves. In fact, he was just so dern mad he built a homemade bomb and tried to blow up the entire Walmart.

Marshall Leonard thought he would give Walmart the ole what for by pulling up his truck in front of the automatic doors and tossing a strange package inside. A Walmart employee was standing nearby when Marshall told the employee “You better run” after the package hit the floor. At least Marshall was nice enough to say that much to the employee who happened to be on his break.

Even though the bomb did detonate, it wasn’t much of an explosion the witnesses said. Regardless, Leonard was captured and might serve life in prison if convicted. For being a hillbilly these days, Walmart is pretty much the only big brother you might have left, so why harm it? I mean, where else are you going to get your Duck Dynasty calendars and gun racks for cheap. Frankly, if you love the Confederate Flag so much to the point you’re willing to hurt strangers over it, maybe it’s time to take up fishing or, I dunno, just sitting quietly in a corner somewhere.