Mars Curiosity Rover Celebrates First Martian Year With A Selfie!

Good news! NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover has developed selfie technology. To celebrate the four wheeled robot’s first full Martian year on the planet, which is equivalent to 687 Earth days – the rover took a selfie. I’m just waiting for the Mars Rover to show up on Chatroulette so I can see if I spark its… curiosity.

Who is holding the camera?

The “selfie” is actually a composite of dozens of images taken with the rover’s robotic arm. If Curiosity is hip to the selfies, does this mean that NASA’s Opportunity Rover which landed on Mars in 2004 is still updating Myspace?

Weird they chose to do a Curiosity Update video from the Hollywood studio where they film these “space missions.”

Over the course of its mission, having landed safely on the planet’s surface in August 2012, the Curiosity Rover has taken several selfies, in addition to also making big scientific discoveries about Mars. For example you can make an awesome penis in the Martian soil.

High five to the Rover! We would have done the same thing.

While there are still no solid proof for aliens, there is strong evidence that conditions such as water and the basic building blocks for life was we know it were once prevalent on the planet. Now if only Quaid will start the reactor, we can all go join Curiosity on The Red Planet for some group selfies.

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