Married Guy With Kids Caught Cheating On Tinder Forgot To Hide This Dead Giveaway From His Profile

Is there such thing as an intelligent cheater? There’s no excuse for cheating other than being a selfish prick, and it appears being a dunce goes hand in hand with it too – you ever hear a story about a cheater and how they DIDN’T get caught? People are either dumb and incompetent, or eventually get lazy with their sneaking around and don’t clean up their tracks as well. The guy we’re about to shit on, obviously, falls into the latter category.

Married Guy With Kids Caught Cheating On Tinder: Not A Smart Move

First of all, the only people who should be posting topless photos on Tinder are women and men who are in shape – that’s it. This dude’s torso makes him look like a husky 12-year-old with a hormone imbalance. Nothing about that thin garden of pubes he’s got sprouting between his nipples is appealing, and if anything I’m really fucking annoyed that he thought being married and topless on Tinder would get him laid.

Oh yeah – dude says he’s married right in his bio, which makes it a little surprising his pants look like they fit as well as they do considering how big his balls are. First off, if the “married” bit didn’t send any girl screaming, then the topless photo did — but if the topless photo didn’t and the girl has zero morals about the married part, then take a peep at what’s in the background.

Married Guy With Kids Caught Cheating On Tinder: Think Before You Take The Pic

Yup – that’s a baby carriage.

Dude is married, WITH KIDS, and still trolling Tinder for someone to boil his noodle.

Granted, he wasn’t trying to hide the whole “married” part since he put it in there outright – but any girl with even half a brain knows to sprint far, far away from any dad who’s cheating on his wife and kids. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ladies out there who still hop on that cock like it’s made of gold, but for the sake of this guy getting what’s coming to him let’s hope all the women of North Dublin see him as the trash he is.

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