Cheating Married Man Woke Up To Find His Testicles Had Been Stolen

If you’ve been married for any period of time, and have been curious about maybe trying to have a fling on the side, well don’t, because you might get your testicles stolen. Unfortunately for a man in Russia, this scenario actually happened to him recently.

He was at a bar having a drink when an attractive blonde woman approached him. They shared a drink together when the woman asked if he’d like to join her at a nearby sauna. He agreed and she led the way. They had another drink, kissed a little and then darkness came over Dmitry Nikolaev, 30. He woke up probably feeling guilty about the drunken night before, but not without some strong evidence that he just couldn’t hide from his wife. His testicles were missing.

Unfortunately for Nikolaev, he had no recollection of the previous evening and woke up at a bus stop with slight pain.  That’s when he realized the area where his testicles used to be had nothing left but dried blood and stitches. Law enforcement believes that the woman is travelling with a doctor looking to traffic human organs. The married man eventually had to tell his wife what happened, but for his sake, I hope she went easy on him. I mean, no punishment could possibly outweigh what has already happened to this poor guy.

No word as to who the suspects were or where they might be now, so be on the look out if you get approached by anyone looking for a one night stand. Because they just might want your testicles insead.

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source: Daily Mail