Dad Claims He Sees The Face Of His Late Father In His Child’s Ultrasound

Whether or not you choose to believe in ghosts or spirits, there are some circumstances that you can’t help but at least file in the “What the hell” category. A dad expecting his first child had that exact “what the hell” moment when he apparently saw his late father’s face in his daughter’s ultrasound. And we have to say, the similarity is pretty striking.

The ultrasound revealed what does look like a face, but when you begin to make out the nose and even mustache, the image starts to get a little eerie.

Mark Wright lost his father when he was seven, so enough time had passed since Mark started his own journey into parenthood, which makes one think that this wasn’t just some subconscious sighting. Especially when you look at the expression between the two photos. If you’re going to see the face of your father’s ghost, it’d be nice if he were smiling, right? But then again, compared to the photo on the right, maybe smiling in photos wasn’t his father’s thing.

The creepier part is Mark didn’t note the similarity until after their daughter was born. And not even by himself. His wife was looking through old photos and came across the ultrasound image which is when she noted the likeness to Mark’s father next to her daughter’s head. What the hell indeed.

What do you guys think? Is this just a random coincidence or do you believe in spirits and guardian angels?

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source: Daily Mail