Marine Returning Home From War Catches Wife Cheating On Him With Another Soldier

Long distance relationships aren’t easy. You can go days, weeks, maybe even months without seeing your significant other depending on the circumstances, and unfortunately for one Marine he found out the hard way that a lengthy separation can lead to cheating.

…well, that’s not entirely true. A lengthy separation can lead to cheating if you have the moral compass of a noodle, or if you’re just a straight-up piece of shit human being. There are many members of our active military who have happy marriages back home – veteran Brian May was not one of them.

In a video originally posted to a Facebook group for soldiers, Brian films himself going up the stairs in his home and discovering his naked wife sitting on the toilet with another man leaning over to kiss her.

Shocked at his discovery, Brian asks “Hey, what’s going on? (she’s cheating on you) What are you doing here? (bangin’ your wife) Are you cheating on me? (clearly).”

And like a little bitch, the Other Man hightails it out as quick as he can, though not without Brian hurling a slew of threats at him as he goes. “You’re lucky I don’t beat your ass,” he says. “What’s your rank? Say goodbye to your fucking rank.” For me, the best part is when the lover gets outside and then starts running; it’s like the house had “Please walk, do not run” signs posted everywhere and THAT was the rule he decided to follow rather than “Bros before Hoes.”

You’d think that soldiers would have some sort of code that includes “Hey, while I’m deployed for six months maybe try your best to NOT stick your dick in my wife. I know it’ll be really hard since you’re a complete fuckhead, but I’d appreciate at least some effort.”

Since catching his wife in bed with another soldier, Brian has reportedly filed for divorce. I hope he takes her for all she’s worth, which with his luck is probably $0.65 and a Happy Meal – but better than staying put with a lying and cheating harlot, no?