Marilyn Manson Got Clocked at a Denny’s

Is any image more surreal than someone throwing a haymaker at Marilyn Manson, inside a Canadian Denny’s at two in the morning?  Probably not anything actually real, no.  But this really happened in Alberta after one of Manson’s shows when he decided he needed that sweet, sweet Denny’s sustenance and somehow managed to run afoul of a late night Canadian Grand Slam fan at the same time.

Reports suggest there was a verbal altercation during which Manson referred to a man’s girlfriend as a bitch, which Manson denies.  The man then politely responded to Manson by bopping him right in his pale beak, sucker punch style.  The thing you need to remember about Canada is that you can antagonize West Coast Canadians and east Coast Canadians, but Alberta is basically Northern Texas and everyone there is angry.  They work on farms or in oil fields and if you mess with their Denny’s or their women they’ll just bust you in the face no matter who they are.  On the other hand it could have gone down just like Manson said and this guy punched him for no reason.

Now it’s entirely possible and even likely that these Denny’s ruffians antagonized Manson until he responded in kind since Alberta seems more like a place that wants to hear Keith Urban than Marilyn Manson and would likely, when presented with a 2am Denny’s, post-concert Marilyn Manson, mock him mercilessly until he threw down on a bitch, but the facts aren’t all in.  All we know is a dude punched Manson and nearly every media outlet has taken the opportunity to make jokes about Denny’s menu items when reporting on the incident.  Just look!

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And this;

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And this;

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Ha ha, Grand Slam jokes!  Those sure are a homerun.

As for Manson, he maintains the attack was unprovoked and he plans on suing Mr, Punchy.  There’s your Lumberjack Slam.  Or whatever.  Did I do that right?