Marijuana Vending Machines Are Here

The tide is turning the move to legalize marijuana with two states granting full legalization and 21 more with weakened laws that let people hold a certain amount without fear of being arrested or charged. The rest, however, either still believe that marijuana is a dangerous drug or don’t want more White Castles and outdoor music festivals in their neighborhoods. Seattle, Washington is jumping into this new industry with both feet now that they have weed vending machines. 


A company called ZaZZZ is the first to release and sell smokeable marijuana through automated machines across the city. Of course, not just anyone can walk up to one of these machines and buy a bud as if they were purchasing a soft drink or some kind of other delicious snack treat. These machines are only for tokers with a medical need for marijuana. Customers placed their order through a touchscreen and a medical marijuana card is required to complete their purchase. Once their medical marijuana status has been confirmed, they can purchase from a number of different strains of marijuana that they can take home and smoke. ZaZZZ had set up similar machines in Colorado but they only sold edible items infused with THC. We assume the touchscreens also play “SpongeBob SquarePants” episodes or videos of monkeys to keep their customers entertaining while they are delivering their order. 

Even if you’re not for marijuana legalization, there are sides to this business that marks some major improvements. People who need marijuana for medical purposes don’t have to buy their stash from a drug dealer with a criminal record. They can easily get the medicine they need that improves their lives and makes their medical condition more tolerable. They are pissing off the people who want them to go to jail for buying marijuana. It’s a win-win-win!