Marijuana Causes Poor Memory and Alters Brain Structure

According to a new study, teens who smoked marijuana daily for three years ended up doing extremely poorly on memory tests and also have signs of abnormal brain structure.  What’s abnormal brain structure?  They look similar to the abnormalities you’ll see in a schizophrenic and the parts of the brain that deal with memory seem to shrink and collapse.  So not cool, man.  The younger you start smoking weed the more abnormal your brain gets.



Even more noteworthy is that your brain displays these same abnormal structures as long as two years after using marijuana use, so it could very well be long term or permanent alteration.

Plus, get this, there’s this new study that says people who smoke marijuana daily for three years do really poorly on memory tests and also it gives them abnormal brain structure.  Your brian ends up looking weirder the younger you start smoking, too. And it doesn’t go away, either.  Like two years after your stop smoking, your brain will still be all shrinky and weird.


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Oh, and dude,I was outback with the janitor earlier and he was all “Dude, so these scientists grabbed a bunch of kids, right?  And they made them smoke pot in this cage, right?  And like, after three years they dissected their brains, right?  And their brains were so small and the kids couldn’t even remember stuff so they sent them home, but then two years later they came back and their brains were still small, man!”  It’s the NSA, I think.  You gotta watch your back, man.

Anyway, my mom tried telling me that smoking up makes you forget shit, but what does she know?  I was like pfft.  Good one, mom.