You Can Now Get A College Degree In “Pizza”. Seriously.

Stop what you’re doing cause I’m about to ruin the image and the style that you’re used to. That’s not only a Digital Underground lyric but also how twisted your brain will get after learning that you can indeed can get a college degree in Pizza!

The course is only accepting 1500 students and will run for not one year, not two, but five f*cking years. Yeah, you thought you liked pizza but you had no idea how much PIZZA there was to learn, didja?!

The only problem however is you have to love pizza so much you’re willing to move to England so you can take this five year course. Also, and some of you may consider this as a downside, but Pizza Hut is sponsoring this course which will have students actually working within a Pizza Hut location when they’re not studying on the Manchester Metropolitan University campus.

Of course a course in Pizza wasn’t all roses after realizing you’re not just gonna eat pizza the whole time but instead work in an actual Pizza Hut. Welcome to the real world, pizza lovers.

The Skills Minister (whatever that is) says, “Apprenticeships add value to our businesses and workforce right across the economy. These apprenticeships at Pizza Hut Restaurants will offer even more people the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge while working.” Yet one can’t help but wonder if this is some sort of cheap way for Pizza Hut to get free labor and inevitably enslave you to simply work in a Pizza Hut until you’re 40-years-old. Maybe this whole Pizza degree isn’t as cool as we thought.

Regardless, you don’t have to be thousands upon thousands of dollars in debt with college tuition (which you’ll barely be able to pay off after working at a Pizza Hut) because you love pizza. Just order some delivery and enjoy it on your own anytime you’d like. There’s really no downside better than that.