Man Wrapped His House In Foil & Shines Spotlights To Fight Aliens

Do you ever look up at the sky and wonder if we’re the only living beings in the universe? A man in Hermitage, Pennsylvania has thought of that question and he’s so convinced that the answer is “yes” that he has large, powerful spotlights to protect him from their pending invasion.

Unfortunately, his neighbors either don’t agree that aliens exist or just wish that they would abduct him once and for all so they can get him out of their neighborhood. 

Have you alien proofed your windows for the winter?

Arthur Brown has alien-proofed his home by wrapping his home in foil and running bright spotlights well into the night to keep UFOs from hovering over his house. He’s been doing this for over twenty years and his neighbors have finally had enough. They got the law involved and a judge ordered him to turn off the spotlights or face a $500 a day fine for violating his order. So far, he’s racked up a legal tab of $20,000. However, that’s a small price to pay to avoid getting an anal probe. 

The neighbors say that Brown’s antics have also made it hard to move out of the neighborhood. Nancy Raich lives across the street from Brown’s home and she’s trying to move into a condo but she can’t sell her home because no one wants to live across the street from a paranoid alien hunter. Geez, where is a Nazi-esque HOA when you really need one? 

Source: UPI