Quadruple Amputee Is Armed And On The Run

Police in Florida are searching for a quadruple amputee who they believe is armed and on the run. This is not my proudest sentence.  it is ironically hilarious, though.


Sean Petrozzino is wanted for questioning by authorities about the double murder of his parents. I’d imagine the writers of American Horror Story would also like to ask him a few questions, maybe see what he thinks about working with clowns and Jessica Lange.


Petrozzino lost his limbs a few years back to bacterial meningitis. Since that time, he has separated from his wife over financial problems and forced to move in with his parents. He has truly been dealt a crappy hand. 


The bodies of his parents were discovered on Tuesday prompting a search for their son and their missing Toyota Camry. Petrozzino was last seen when an ATM security camera captured his picture that same morning.


Police are considering Petrozzino a person of interest and not an official suspect. Those who know him are shocked that he could have any connection to his parents’ demise and describe him as an easygoing, peaceful guy who doesn’t really have it in him to do such a thing. Despite this, authorities caution that he has a gun and although handless, the ability to use it. Probably not the ability to load it though.