Man Who Lost Fingers Replacing Them With His Toes

For today’s amazing medical oddity we go to Australia. That is where a man named Frank Barreda had an unfortunate and devastating accident at work that crushed his hand and resulted in the loss of his fingers.  No word on exactly what type of work he was doing, but hopefully he wasn’t manning the sandwich toaster at Subway.

His hand after it was crushed.

Now doctors are performing a radical surgery transplanting his big toe from his foot to his injured hand. While this could be a life changing operation for the better now he has to worry about getting Athlete’s Hand.

Silly toe, you’re not a thumb!

The 47-year-old feared he would never be able to work again, but was determined to rebuild his hand one way or the other. Surgeons at Sydney Hospital performed the amazing operation which took over seven hours.

They painstakingly transferred bones, nerves and blood vessels to help connect the big toe to his hand and craft it into a makeshift thumb. On the operation, Barreda gives it two thumbs up, saying;

“I wouldn’t say I recommend it, but if you need it done, I would.”

While the surgery was successful, he wasn’t able to use that thumb to hitchhike out of there as he has to spend two weeks recovering in the hospital.

Hand Surgeon Dr. Sean Nicklin says that in a few weeks they are going to transfer more toes from his other foot onto his hand;

“His thumb is working well but it’s got nothing to pinch against, so we want to create some fingers.”

While this type of surgery is increasingly common, this guy would have been George Carlin’s worst nightmare:

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Source: Yahoo