Man Uses Prosthetic Leg To Take Up Skirt Photos With Homemade Invention

There is an old trick “up skirt” photographers use to snap some of their illicit picks. Strap a camera or cell phone to their shoe and slide it under an unsuspecting victim’s skirt. Well now a man in Denver has taken things to a whole new level by “inventing” a prosthetic leg camera for getting these illegal shots.

This whole situation brings up a lot of questions. Did the man lose his leg in an up-skirt accident? Or once he was an amputee with an up skirt fetish did his invention just come to him?

The Denver Police just released information on a white man in his early 30’s who on October 3rd attempted to take an up-skirt photo of a woman at a Broncos game. Around 2PM at Mile High Stadium near Gate 10 a guy with a “blade” type prosthetic leg approached a lady to take pics up her skirt. She confronted him and he ran away.

Denver Police are currently offering a reward of $2,000 for information leading to the arrest of the one legged pervert.  However they might want to check the whereabouts of former Olympian, Oscar Pistorius the “Blade Runner” who was convicted of murdering his girlfriend.

You never know what kind of interesting things amputees are going to do with their missing legs.