Non-Jedi Cheats Death By Surviving Trash Compactor

a garbage truck trash compactor

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It’s being described as a Christmas miracle… at least by me.

A homeless man has gone through a trash compactor – twice – and survived.

Here is what went down:

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  • The man was sleeping inside a dumpster.
  • The place was Fremont, California.
  • He is described as 44 and without a home. Obviously.

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  • While he was asleep inside the dumpster, a garbage truck scooped him up and dumped him inside with the rest of the trash.
  • Maybe he was trying to reenact the scene from Star Wars: Episode IV
  • The dumpster in which he was abiding in at the moment was behind a restaurant.
  • Once he was dumped into the compactor, it was immediately used.
  • But he survived.

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  • Guess he had enough fight in him to live to find another dumpster…
  • The truck then went to a nearby fast food restaurant, emptied another dumpster, and used the compactor again.
  • The man inside survived yet again.
  • This has happened before to homeless people while sleeping in dumpsters:

  • At the next stop, the man is said to have climbed out an opening in the roof of the garbage truck.
  • Witnesses saw him escaping.
  • “Just another day at the office,” he said (maybe).
  • “I always wanted to act out that scene from Star Wars,” the man stated (possibly).

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  • A spokesperson for the trash department went on record to say how lucky the man is to have survived the dirty situation without injuries – or death.
  • He was taken to a hospital to be checked out.
  • It was said he suffers from mental health issues.
  • Big surprise…

Source: Huffington Post