Need To Report A Fire? Not At The Fire Station

Neville Morrison lives in Florida.  Of course he does.  In Florida, he lived in a home with his wife and three kids, right up until the house caught on fire.  Now, under normal circumstances, any of us in a similar situation would do what?  Call the fire department?  Of course!  Neville, however, didn’t have access to a phone.  But lucky for him, the fire house was literally four houses down.  So he ran there to report the fire.

The fact that this story takes place in Florida is the curve ball.  If you or I went to the firehouse and yelled “fire!” probably they’d all suit up and head out.  When Neville did so, the EMT who greeted him told him to call 911. Neville explained he didn’t have access to a phone (maybe it was on fire) and if the guy looked outside the building, he’d see the smoke.  The EMT apparently had better things to do, maybe mix up a batch of that legendary firehouse chili, and sent Neville on his way.

Lucky for Neville (relatively speaking), one of his neighbors saw the fire and then called 911.  8 Minutes later the fire department showed up, heroes of the day.  Good job, everyone.

A spokesman for the fire department has since given a statement saying that the EMT was fired for being an idiot.  No wait, that never happened.  Instead, they said he’s receiving counselling because that’s not the way the fire department is supposed to do business.  And, up to this point, that EMT was not aware of that.  He was not aware that turning away people whose houses are on fire is not a thing to do when working at a fire department. 

The lesson to be learned from this is that, if you live in Florida, invest in a fire extinguisher or two.  And a cell phone.