Man Tries Stealing Phone At Walmart: Stabs Self In Arm Blood Gushing Everywhere!

If you are going to shoplift a phone from Walmart, it is best to take it home before you try to unbox it.

A man in South Union Township, Pennsylvania near Pittsburg found that out the hard way earlier this week when the genius attempted to steal a Straight Talk Wireless phone from the local Walmart, but not before trying to remove the packaging with a knife… which he plunged into his own arm. Whoops!

Authorities say that 46-year-old David Lee, who I’m guessing needed to phone to call in and confirm his nomination for a Nobel Prize, attempted to remove the plastic packing from the device in the automotive aisle. Using his knife to remove the packaging before he left the store, he accidently stabbed himself in the arm which began to spray blood everywhere. Wheee!

Only worth one pint of blood, not several.

Other customers and Walmart staff saw him bleeding heavily from the wound approached him in order to help. However the cutting criminal simply grabbed a towel, wrapped his arm and left the store, jumping in his car and heading right for Uniontown Hospital. Once he was there he had to be airlifted to another hospital that could handle his injuries, they were so severe.  Ouch!

Once at the hospital cops were able to track him down and arrest him for retail theft, and disorderly conduct. That is the least of his problems since he lost so much blood at the Walmart that a Hazmat team had to be called in to clean it up. Hope they put down one of those yellow “floor is slippery when wet” signs. Whoa!

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Source: CBS