Boyfriend Accidentally Texts Girlfriend Video Of Him Having Sex With Their Dog

It’s one thing to accidentally send the wrong sexy text to your girlfriend which was clearly meant for someone else, but it’s something entirely different to accidentally send a video of yourself…having sex…with the family dog.

A nice couple in the UK had bought a 10-month-old Rhodesian Ridgeback together (much like the one in the above photo). The day this situation occured, the man’s girlfriend headed into work, leaving her boyfriend home alone to tend to the household chores, one of which taking care of their dog. As admitted by the boyfriend, apparently 34-year-old David Buchanan was sitting around watching porn when his curiosity decided to get the best of him, wondering “what it would be like to have sex with the dog.” Those were his actual words, folks.

His girlfriend received the video while she was at work, which had a running time of twenty nine seconds. Five seconds is bad enough, but a half a minute is even worse. No word about the details of the video or even why Buchanan decided to record it, but being a porn fan as much as he is, I guess having a video of the experience made it that much more enjoyable?

Buchanan was then arrested after his girlfriend called the police. The dog molestor was then forced to sign up as a sex offendor for seven years with a 12-week suspended sentence for two years. Buchanan’s girlfriend however is now in a mental prison wondering why her boyfriend had to have sex with a dog instead of her.

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source: Metro