Man Tells His Side Of The Story After Police Post His Mugshot On Facebook

It’s kind of strange when a police department posts mugshots onto their facebook page explaining what the alleged criminals did wrong for what? Likes and shares? Everyone’s joining the social media strategy these days and it’s starting to get really cheesy actually. But when said alleged criminals decide to post their side of the story underneath their mugshot for all to read, well then things can get really interesting.

Willie Tatum III (23) noticed his mugshot (an amazing one at that) was posted onto the Columbus, OHIO police department’s facebook page after he was arrested and released. And of course with the Columbus Ohio PD facebook page being a “fan” page with over 23,000 likes, Tatum decided to make comment. Here’s what Tatum wrote regarding his side of why he got arrested.

Points not only go to the guy for flexing his right to free speech, but also having a profile picture where he’s literally “flexing”. Nice. After receiving over 118 likes, the police department didn’t seem to enjoy Tatum taking reigns on their page, so they deleted his comment. And of course people noticed, calling the police out on their immature actions.

Here’s what they followed up with:

Seems a little bit unfair if you ask me, but hey, I like a good debate after all regardless of the topic.

If you’d like to keep up with the interesting back and forth of Tatum’s mugshot post, head HERE for further updates. I’m gonna go make some popcorn for this one.

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source: Uproxx