Man Sues NASA For Failing To Investigate Alien Life


So the other week NASA revealed a sequence of photos that showed a mysterious rock inexplicably appearing out of nowhere in the field of view of the Mars Opportunity rover (the older rover which celebrates 10 years of roving the Red Planet this month).  After revealing the photo themselves, the space agency admitted to being baffled by the appearance of the rock but offered a few explanations: maybe the rover hit the rock itself? Maybe it was a meteor… OR if you are “scientist” Rhawn Joseph the “specimen” is clear evidence of alien life on Mars. Joseph who is author of books on aliens and 9/11 is taking this opportunity to file a lawsuit in California against NASA and its administrator saying that NASA has failed to “perform a public, scientific, and statutory duty which is to closely photograph and thoroughly scientifically examine and investigate a putative biological organism.”  I guess he feels spending money fighting lawsuits instead of on spaceships will help find aliens.  He even says that he can see spores on the rock.. or organism. What does he hope to get from the lawsuit? A high five from Marvin the Martian? A guest spot on Alex Jones talk show? Actually his demands are pretty specific:



A) NASA musttake 100 high resolution close-up in-focus photos of the “specimen” at various angles, from all sides, and from above down into the “bowl” of the specimen, and under appropriate lighting conditions which minimize glare. 

B) Take a minimum of 24 microscopic in-focus images of the exterior, lip, walls, and interior of the specimen under appropriate lighting conditions.

C) NASA, and the rover team must make public and supply Petitioner with all high resolution photos and images of that specimen as demanded in A and B.

You can read the entire lawsuit here. What’s your favorite part?

NASA Lawsuit

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