Deranged Star Wars Fan Sues Disney For Not Letting Him Build A Real X-Wing

The Force is insane with this one: A man named Joseph Alfred has filed a lawsuit against The Walt Disney Company and its CEO Bob Iger for not allowing him to build a working, real life X-xing. Yes, an X-wing as in the make-believe Star Wars spacecraft that Luke Skywalker flew in to fight the Galactic Empire.

Who needs a flying car when you can have an X-wing? Wait, what?

Alfred seems to think that if he is allowed to get the license from Disney owned Lucasfilm to build an X-wing he will make hundreds of millions of dollars and create a new form of transportation for all of man- and Wookie kind to enjoy. Oh and he wants to do it all by the release date of the new Star Wars film, so everyone can ride in it and be “Luke Skywalker for a night.” The amazing lawsuit, which you can read in full here, says:

“Plaintiff, seeks relief for specific performance based on an implied-in-fact contract for: 1) Issuance of a license agreement from both the Walt Disney Corporation and Lucasfilm Inc. to Terrafugia Inc. of the trademarked property T-65 X-wing from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Full, unequivocal, and public support from both the Walt Disney Corporation and Lucasfilm Inc. for the building of one or more X-wings for a Star Wars premiere event in December of 2017.”

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So the only thing stopping this guy from building an advanced real life, functioning spacecraft is the fact that Disney owns the copyright to a fictional spaceship? Obviously if this person had the ability to construct such a vehicle he would already be working for SpaceX or NASA or be in his basement turning himself into a real life evil version of Iron Man hell bent on making those that laughed at him pay. But crazies gonna cray, so let’s just enjoy this guy’s madness for its creativity.

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Alfred wants the people who made this thing to help him create an X-wing.

To be fair, he seems to have it all figured out. He would transfer the X-wing license to Terrafugia, the experimental aircraft company that is actually working on flying cars– and they would build it. Done! Next, in order to get the public excited about the project he requests that Disney grant him two minutes of air time on their ABC network during a Florida State Football game in order to showcase the new X-wing. Cross platform promotion! Smart! Sure, a two minute commercial during a football game would get the word out, aside from all the free publicity he would receive from news articles, tweets, Instagrams, Vines, and butthole smoke signals that would be trending from every media outlet on Earth should someone create a real life functioning X-wing. Plus did I mention the whole project is to help alleviate traffic jams! My brain hurts. I know you are thinking this is probably just some troll, having a laugh. But the lawsuit is real and you can watch his whole pitch in the video below. Decide for yourself!

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source: Above The Law

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