Man Sues Actress For Staring At Him Through The TV Screen

This may be the first time that someone has been accused of literally having “looks that kill.” Zhao Wei is a famous actress in China where she currently stars in a television show about divorced parents raising their daughter called “Tiger Mom.” Nice.

While the show is a hit, apparently one viewer is not such a fan. A man is suing Zhao Wei for staring at him so intensely that it caused him “spiritual damage.” Hopefully for the sake of actor Mads Mikkelsen Hannibal doesn’t air in China.

Can I at least sue this guy for making me lose my appetite?


Recent regulations which took effect in China May 1st have made it harder for courts to reject lawsuits. No matter how blatantly ridiculous, courts in China must now provide in writing clear reasons for rejecting a case and citizens will be able to appeal those decisions.  That or I’m sure you can just bribe a few officials and get your case heard, no questions asked.

OK to be fair it sounds like China was trying to stop to shenanigans when it came to legitimate lawsuits filed by citizens, but it might have backfired. Chinas official news outlet said of the new rules; “Authorities are determined to put an end to obstructive behavior by courts and officials meddling in cases.”

Would you win a staring contest with her?

Either way I look forward to plenty of exiting weird news stories out of China featuring all manner of insane lawsuits. Maybe the guy getting stared at by the actress will be represented by fictional TV lawyer Matlock. (Actually that’s crazy, Matlock was a criminal attorney.) The court would not comment if it has actually taken on the TV staring case, but Gan Wen, deputy head of the case filing department said; ““It’s not necessary to waste our judicial resources on cases like these.”

While some are saying that this is a perfect example of how the new rules will create unwarranted, ridiculous lawsuits, I say at least the court system is keeping this crazy guy busy with paperwork and he’s not telling us how Zhao Wei was communicating directly with him through the television and “telling him to kill.”


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Source: The Guardian