Man Strips Naked At Airport In Protest Of Overbooked US Airways Flight

Passengers waiting for a flight out of Charlotte, North Carolina Douglas Airport  got an eye full of more than just bags of airline nuts on Wednesday; they got a sack of old man nuts.

First class passengers get the fruit bowl as well.

That’s because after a man learned that his US Airways flight to Jamaica was “overbooked” and he would not be able to board he became totally enraged. After yelling at airline employees he eventually stripped naked, standing at his gate for 40 minutes until police arrived and escorted him away.

Time out; 40 minutes?! It took police 40 minutes to respond to someone going cray cray at the airport? Did the cops see the naked guy on the security cameras and spend the next 40 minutes playing Rock Paper Scissors to determine which officers would have to go apprehend him?  

“Sir, that is NOT your ticket.”

To be fair, I can understand why this guy would get so angry that he would strip his clothing off. How is overbooking a flight even legal? There are X amount of seats on a plane. You should sell X amount of seats for that plane. How the hell do you sell MORE tickets than seats that exist? What kind of bullshit scam is that? Time to get naked!

Best part is the lady sitting there: “No way I am giving up this prime seat next tot he gate.”

I’m sure some smarty pants can fill Break in on the legal history and tradition in the airline industry of selling more seats than those that actually exist on the airplane and why that is such a great idea. According to the Southwest Airlines website,

“Overbooking a flight means that airlines will accept a few additional reservations for seats on a flight beyond the aircraft’s seating capacity. Airlines overbook to attempt to fill seats left empty by Passengers who don’t show up for their flight or don’t cancel their reservations prior to the flight’s departure.”

Oh now I get it; so I pay $400 to fly to New York at a specific time and day and expect to get what I paid for, but the airline can just charge someone else $400 and promise them the same seat. Let’s not worry if everyone actually does show up for their flight, and even if they didn’t, they paid for the seat so what the fuck does it matter… TIME TO GET NAKED.

Sweet tan!

I’m going to open a fancy restaurant that works that way; you order a $50 steak, and if the guy sitting next to you orders the same thing, I’m just going to give it to him instead. Overbooked! IT’S TIME TO GET NAKED, because that’s the only reasonable response to this crap!

Police say they brought the man in for a medical evaluation; apparently they needed to confirm that he got screwed.  I guess if showing everyone some old man balls every time a passenger gets bumped from a flight due to “overbooking” is a way to end this, so be it.

Should airlines be allowed to “overbook” flights?

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Source: Kare11