Man Stabs His Buddy With A Sword Because He Wouldn’t Stop Talking

We’ve all been there. You’re having a conversation with someone, even a good friend, and you realize that the conversation has already lasted for way waaaay too long and you’d give just about anything for it to end. You think it’s finally ending…but then they just keeps going from one topic to the next. You’re friend who you thought had the common sense to know when to stop flappin’ their jaws isn’t getting the hint. And then you stab them with your sword to end it all.

Okay, most of us wouldn’t stab anyone with a sword, let alone someone who is merely just talking your ear off, but that didn’t stop Daniel Buretz from trying to get his friend to shut the f*ck up.

Buretz and his buddy were at home having a real good time with a bottle of booze when the cops were called. Buretz had initially called the police complaining that his friend was going to assault him, but by the time the police left the residence, the two friends were laughing again and just having a merry ole evening. Then the cops were called…again.

After showing up to the same residence, the police saw Buretz’s buddy out on the lawn, only this time he had a two inch deep wound in his back. The police then found Buretz still drunk inside the home which led to his confession. Why did Buretz stab his good friend with a sword he just had lying around. Apparently because he “got tired of him running his mouth.”

Buretz will have a hearing on October 21st in Washington, but until then, is sitting in jail without his sword. If his friend wants to be a pal and get him out of jail, it’ll cost him $50,000 so we’ll see if they’re really that good of friends or not. Or maybe they’re just better off going their separate ways for now.