Man Fatally Stabbed While Biking Cross Country On His Way To Propose

Kevin Adorno (28) was travelling on bicycle from Conneticut to Florida in order to propose to his girlfriend. Adorno was only 20 miles away from his final destination when he was fatally stabbed by a homeless man outside of a McDonald’s.

On Monday, he stopped at the resturaunt to charge his phone and grab a bite to eat when homelessman Rene Herrera Cruz (59) mistook Adorno’s cell phone conversation for a planned attack. In Cruz’s mind, Adorno was talking with people who wanted to kill him. So Adorno attacked first, stabbing Adorno in the arm and chest with a 12-inch knife.

Adorno’s girlfriend had planned to fly down to meet her boyfriend and finish the ride together. This is also where Adorno had planned on proposing. Police found the engagement ring in his pocket.

Adorno’s friend told the press that Kevin was “just a pure soul as charismatic as anyone could ever be, smile from ear to ear always generous.” . 

“Just a really good guy.”

The homelessman who confessed is facing first-degree murder.

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source: Daily Mail