Man Spent Six Years Crocheting One Super Mario Bros 3 Map

Playing video games can take up a lot of your time; one computer programmer in Norway wanted to figure out a way to spend even more time devoted to his favorite game. Kjetil Nordin spent six years and over 800 hours researching and crocheting a perfect recreating of the map from Super Mario Bros 3. Too bad he didn’t have the power up Super Star that made you invincible and go super-fast.

Nordin’s  amazing crochet job (this is the only time on Break the phrase “amazing crochet job” has been or will ever be used) is even more amazing when you consider the amount of detail he put into it. From the looks of it, it appears to be a professional print of a screen shot of the classic Nintendo game, but Nordin took the time to research the exact colors. He even went as far as to START OVER when the color of the water was too purple. So now the yarn map matches perfectly the Super Mario All-Stars version of the game.

This guy crochets like a boss. Like a World 8:11 Koopa Boss

After all this time and energy devoted to the crochet map, let’s hope someone doesn’t get one of those fire flowers and start shooting fireballs out of their hands.

While this might be the geekiest thing this side of making a Dr. Who needlepoint , Nordin is actually also a skydiving champion. So if Super Mario is not available, this guy might actually be able to get the feather and skydive out of a plane flying over the Mushroom Kingdom and sweep Princess Toadstool off her feet and out of the clutches of Bowser.  

What game should he spend the next six years crocheting?

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Source: Kotaku