Man Spent $200K To Look Like Ken Doll

The gold standard of “good looking” over the last 40 years has been “Barbie and Ken.” For some reason, some real, non-plastic people decide to become more plastic in an effort to look just like Barbie and Ken. Rodrigo Alves went all the way with his effort to look like a Ken Doll by spending over $200K on plastic surgery including nose jobs, Botox filters, six pack implants, calf shaping and leg liposuction. Apparently taking up a wood working hobby was too time consuming for him.

He even had a procedure to cut his gums which will make him smile wider.

If you could look like any plastic toy from your childhood, which one would it be?

1. Can You Tell He Loves Christmas Time By His Facial Expression?

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3. Apparently “Ken” Has Cat Eyes

4. The People Of Columbia Destroyed Their Televisions After He Appeared On Them

5. His Looks Stop Traffic

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7. Staring Contest Champion

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9. Nailed it!

Source: Elite Daily

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