Man Spends $650 Bucks On “The Interview” Tickets And Wants His Money Back

Just when you thought the whole insanity surrounding the Kim Jong- Un assassination comedy The Interview was over there is one more wacky aspect to the story. Last week Sony decided to go ahead and screen the film in a limited amount of theaters. Upon learning that his local independent theater in Cincinnati would be screening The Interview on Christmas Day after all, Jason Best knew that the American thing to do was to show North Korea how some good old capitalism works and make some extra cash on the whole situation.


I’m going to start scalping bags of popcorn.

Best quickly went down to his local independent theater and bought up 50 tickets at $13 dollars plus fees a pop for a total of around $650 dollars. He figured he could resell the highly buzzed about movie tickets for more money and turn a profit. There are only two problems with his plan. Number One: shortly after he purchased all those tickets Sony announced they would also be releasing the film on VOD for $5.99, thus significantly deterring the demand for said $13 tickets- to which Best planned on charging more for. And number two: reselling movie theater tickets in this fashion is also known as “scalping” – and it’s illegal. USA! USA!

Smack, smack, smack.

While Sony grossed over 18 million in online rentals and round 2 million at the box office for the controversial Seth Rogen flick, Best’s local theater is not refunding the money for tickets he planned on scalping. While Best thought the theater says they have a refund policy, they in fact don’t give out refunds for “special events” as was the last minute The Interview screening. And in Best’s case, I believe the refund fine print says he can go F himself. He must feel like he lives in North Korea with all these rules!

Even Kim Jong-Un Thinks This Was a Dumb Plan And He Thought Telling Americans Not To Watch A Movie Would Work

But what do you guys think? Should he get a refund for his unused movie tickets? Or did he bring about this disaster himself with his hastily thought out plan? Or “Who cares, The Interview sucked anyway.”

Source: Deadline

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