Man Spends $150 Thousand Dollars To Look Like Kim Kardashian

Early this year we told you about a woman in Great Britain who spent $30K to look like Kim Kardashian and now I owe her an apology. Clair Leeson’s obsession with the vapid reality star caused her to spend lots of money on plastic surgery and to be honest it didn’t come out that bad… at least she still looks human.


Let’s put on some wax lips, and wear some road kill.

The same can’t be said for another Brit, makeup artist Jordan James Parke who spent $150K on collagen injections, eyebrow tattoos, laser hair removal, and something called “vampire facials” which I’m hoping isn’t what happens at the end of a vampire porno films.  

It would be an insult to boxers to say it looks like someone punched him in the face.

Park says that he “welcomes the hate,” however I’m not sure that “hate” is the  emotion one is experiencing when they view the Instragram account full of photos of a guy who has willfully mutilated his own face.  Maybe we all feel more of revulsion and concern over a man who says;

“I love all the attention and stares I get in the street. I welcome the hate — it just means more attention. And if anything, it just spurs me on to get more work done.” 

This is his face with several different expressions.

While he might have a hard time winning a Kim Kardashian lookalike contest, he certainly got her major personality traits down. Although if he wants to tell people that he spent all that money to look like a celebrity who is famous for being a disgusting piece of pop trash and proud of it, I think he looks more like Divine – everyone’s favorite filthy icon from John Waters’ films.

Thankfully Parke did not try and recreate Kardashian’s naked butt photo… OK, let’s not give him any ideas.

I can’t believe someone would do that to their face!

Source: Daily Dot

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