Man Who Accidentally Shot Himself In The Face Now Has A Hot Girlfriend

1997 was a bad year for Richard Norris. When he was 22, he came home drunk. During an arguement with his mother, he pulled out a shotgun and threatened to kill himself when the shotgun accidentally went off.

He eventually was able to receive re-constructive surgery in 2012 but not without complications. The procedure included new jaw bones, muscles, nerves, teeth and even a new tongue from various donors. But even then, he had gone through episodes where his treatment had flawed moments like the time he got sunburnt and his doctors told him to board a plane from Virginia to Maryland immediately to return to the hospital, where he underwent further treatment for three weeks. The surgery not only recommends staying out of the sun, but it asks its patients to not drink or smoke. All of which could result in immediate death due to the complications of his health.

With the first face transplant having taken place in 2005, Richard’s surgery received national attention as well as the attention of 43-Year Old Melanie Solis from New Orleans.

After hearing of his story, she reached out to Norris via email and eventually paid him a visit. The two began seeing each other and are now dating even though they don’t get to see each other as often as they’d like considering the distance.

“Those eyes and that smile just had me at first sight. Kissing is something we have been asked to ‘practice’ because Richard hasn’t redeveloped the ability to ‘pucker’.”

Aside from being attracted to Norris’ perseverance, she thinks he’s a babe as well. “He’s always thought about helping the wounded warriors and the other people, and providing hope. He’s a remarkable man. I see Richard as having a beautiful, kind heart on the inside – and he’s a hottie on the outside!”

So, for the rest of you complaning about being single, you officially have no excuse.

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source: Daily Mail