Genius Sets Rental Car On Fire After Trying To Kill Bed Bugs With Alcohol

It’s safe to say that Scott Kemery is not getting back the deposit for his rental car. What is not safe is Kemery’s ideas on how you should exterminate bed bugs from said rental car. This past Tuesday the Long Island man was traveling in Eastport, New York when he noticed that his rental was infested with bed bugs. Gross!

Everyone enjoyed watching the great bed bug hunt.

Faced with the creepy crawlers, instead of returning the car and demanding a bed bug free vehicle or risking a few bite, Kemery later told police that he knew of a brilliant method to rid the car of critters; someone had told him that dousing bed bugs with rubbing alcohol does the trick. So Kemery bought a container of rubbing alcohol, pulled into a shopping center parking lot and saturated the inside of the car with the liquid. Bet those car seats were good and squishy. Squish!

What was happening in the back seat of that car that it had bed bugs in it?

After all of that hard work it was time for a smoke break! So while sitting inside the car he lit up a cigarette. Darwin strikes again. A fireball engulfed the car, setting it ablaze in addition to the two cars next to it.  Kaboom!

Luckily Kemery was able to escape the vehicle, but suffered first and second degree burns all over his body. He is currently at the hospital and police have not yet charged him with any crimes; I think living with his stupidity is punishment enough. The good news is I think he killed all of the bed bugs in the car.

Another view of the fire:

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Source: ABC 7