Man Sells A Backpack Of Dirty Socks As Marijuana For $2,800

Being tricked into buying fake marijuana is embarrassing. Being tricked into buying dirty socks that you think is marijuana is a totally different level of shame.

The so-called dealer, Michael Rafael Suarez sold his “drugs” to a couple hankering for some pot. According to a report, he convinced Joshua Wayne Cope and Rebecca Sue Sharp to drive to the hottest spot to have a drug deal in Ypsilanti, Michigan: the Lee Villa mobile home park in the Rasin Township. That’s where he presented them with his bag of “weed” and tried to sell it to them for $2,800.

Turns out that Suarez didn’t have weed at all. He told the judge, “I didn’t bring any weed. I?brought a bag of dirty socks.”

Suarez pled guilty in court and pleaded guilty to false pretenses and can face up to seven and a half years in prison. The couple pleaded guilty and attempted possession of marijuana with intent to deliver.

All of them are also guilty for being part of the most humiliating drug transaction ever.

Source: Lenconnect