Man High On Meth Claims He's 'Tarzan', Arrested After Breaking Into A Zoo

A man decided that he was Tarzan so he took off his shirt, covered himself in mud and was caught trying to break into the monkey pen in the Santa Ana Zoo in California.

The ordeal happened at 10:30 a.m. when a zoo employee reported a disturbance. After the police arrived on to the scene, they found 37-year-old John William Rodenborn in all his Tarzan glory. Unfortunately Phil Collins wasn't there to help sing him to safety.

Whether or not he was beating his chest and doing the signature yell has yet to be reported, but he was definitely trying to be one with his fellow primates in the monkey pen. Oh yeah, he was high on meth too.

Zoo director  Kent Yamaguchi said that to get into the pen, Rodenborn jumped over the safety fence that prevents people from going into the exhibits. “We do have training for if animals ever come out of their cages, but we haven’t had people trying to go into the cages,” said Yamaguchi.

When officers confronted Rodenborn, he tried to run away. But his agile Tarzan skills weren't quick enough for the Santa Ana Police Department. He was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and breaking and entering. The park was open during the incident, but he didn't cause much of a disruption. If anything, he probably gave a really good show to the security cameras.

The lesson here is simple folks: meth and zoos do not mix. If you're going to do one, don't do the other.