Meet The Man Who Publicly Rubbed His Wang On A 73-Year-Old Kroger Employee

It’s almost as if those within football want to destroy the game. Here we are in the midst of scandal after scandal, when an employee of the University of Cincinnati Football Program goes and does something that truly boggles the mind.

Antrione Archer, the director of Player Welfare And Development for the university, has a weird way of making his own fun. Archer is charged with rubbing his ding-dong on a 73-year old woman in a grocery store. One who wasn’t even twerking.

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Store surveillance camera footage shows Archer approach the 73-year old employee asking for help finding vitamins. While her back was turned, Archer removed his penis from his pants and placed it against her butt. According to police, he did this several times throughout the store. It remains unclear why the vitamins would be spread out throughout the store like that. It’s no wonder he had trouble finding them. But at the risk of blaming the victim, I’ll let that go.

Whether he pulled this stunt for jollies or as a joke, Archer isn’t laughing anymore. He has since been fired from his job with the university and is headed to court in October. Things are going to get awkward if he has to sit next to Grandma during Thanksgiving. (H/T: Uproxx)