Man Robs Bank, Posts The Entire Crime On Instagram

Being obsessed with Instagram and other social media sites can be an issue, but it’s when you become obsessed with gaining followers or even trying entertain the followers you have on a consistent basis, your judgement can sometimes get clouded. Especially once you see how people gain followers from being involved in really dumb news stories that are popular for about 7 hours.

Take this Instagram user who decided to rob a bank in Virginia Beach and posted the entire encounter to his Instagram because “he wanted to get the attention of some of his followers who copied his ideas in the past”, whatever that means.

First he posted an image he handed to the teller, which might be the worst robbery note in history.

Then he posted two videos. The first is of him handing the note to the teller, where you can sort of see her react even though her face is out of frame. The second video shows the teller handing him stacks and stacks of cash. No dialogue, just pay dirt. Unfortunately both videos were removed from his Instagram which we originally embedded here, but thankfully the second has been uploaded to youtube. Check out the robber’s pay day below.

[[contentId: 2854961| allowfullscreen: | frameborder: 0| height: 360| width: 640]]

A news anchor from WAVY 10 actually talked to the robber from his jail cell, asking him many obvious questions, coming away from the conversation thinking he seemed “disconnected from reality”. That’s probably a good guess.

What’s more interesting is the robber claims that he didn’t know he was doing anything illegal. He says that he simply asked for the money and the teller obliged. As you can see with the alleged note, there was no threat, nor did the robber hold any weapons or even wear a mask during the encounter. With the man having over 1300 followers, people are just now tagging other friends in order for them to see his post. But I personally hope the story ends with this kid going to jail as a lesson to the younger generation that this won’t at all be tolerated. Weapon or no weapon.

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source: Complex