Man Rescued From Truck Being Swallowed By Sinkhole

A man in Central Falls, Road Island nearly got swallowed whole by the earth when he was driving his pickup truck down Hunt Street. Authorities believe that a water main break may have caused a sinkhole to form right in the middle of the street. Let’s see how long it takes them to fix this hole in the road, am I right?

Joe Kentunes was rescued from his pickup truck by Central Falls Police Lt. Burt Horton after his pickup became wedged, half in- half out of the giant hole with water rushing out.  Kent recounts the experience of driving over a road that gave way beneath him:

I go over there at the liquor store, the guy’s closed. I come back, splat! Forget it. My truck go down.”

The scary part according to the deputy fire chief is that if the truck had slid down the sinkhole another foot he could have died. The truck landed on two gas mains so the sinkhole had to be drained before the truck could be pulled out.  Lt. Horton was there to make sure that didn’t happen:

“I was working a detail one block up the street. One of the construction workers said he saw something out here. I looked up, saw the truck pretty much as it is now,” Horton said. “I pulled my vehicle over and I went up to the truck. I made sure he was okay and go him out of the truck.”

What is the biggest pothole you have ever driven over?

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Source: WPRI