Man Reports Fake Gun Shot Noises To 911 To Get Out Of Traffic Ticket

This man is either a genius that should be worshiped by motorists everywhere or he is a few gallons of gas short of a full tank. Either way you have to give him props for trying. That’s because Chicago man, Jorge Navarro Jr. called 911 as cops pulled him over and reported that heard gun shots in the area. Thus, the future Nobel Prize winner concluded that officers would be called away to an emergency and forget all about his traffic ticket. How could this go wrong?

Would you like some fries with that whopper?

It’s a great tip for the next time you get pulled over, you should try it out. I imagine the conversation going something like this;

Officer: “Sir, do you know how fast you were going?”

Driver: “Bang! Bang! – What the hell was that!? You had better check that out!”

While stand-up comedians have lamented for years on how to deal with the police when they pull your car over, it seems that Mr. Navarro may have taken things a little too far. During the 2:40AM in the morning traffic stop he called 911 and told them that he heard eight gunshots and a man was shot and lying on the ground in the middle of the street.

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This prompted several police cars to rush to the scene, sirens blaring where he said the shooting took place. However once they realized there was no shooting, they easily figured out who was behind the call. He definitely should have just gone with the ticket as police are pretty pissed over the whole fake 911 call and diverting emergency resources, thing. Now Navarro is charged with a felony for the 911 call, in addition to having an open alcohol container in his car, speeding, driving without lights, lane usage, and to top it off he wasn’t wearing a seat belt.

Will you be trying this move the next time the cops pull you over?

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