Man Rents Himself Out As “Living Elf on a Shelf”

One man in Boston has come up with an enterprising but creepy way to make a little extra holiday money this Christmas season. 

If you thought Elf on a Shelf was not creepy enough.

  • An unidentified man posted an ad on Craigslist offering his services as a  “Living Elf on a Shelf” for anyone in their home.
  • All you have to do is give him $100 and he’ll show up at your house at a pre-determined time to sit on one of your shelves for the bemusement of your friends and family.
  • He promises to show at your house whether it’s for a holiday party or if you’re just lonely and stuck at home where he’ll “stare emptily at your guests.” So if you’ve got a creepy uncle with a record and want to make him feel the way you do every time he shows up at a family gathering, here’s a perfect Christmas present for him. 
  • The weird part about the ad is where it says that his “services have been in high demand this season” requiring customers to give him “at least 48 hours’ notice in advance of any bookings.”
  • Maybe I haven’t been keeping up with the news but I didn’t know that living Christmas ornaments were a high demand item in a declining economy. This could also be part of the new “sharing economy” that we keep hearing about except instead of driving people in your own car or working from home, you’re renting your body out to strangers. No, that doesn’t sound better either. 

Source: UPI