Man Refuses To Sell Tampons To Woman Because He Thinks They’re Gross

I will never claim to understand what a woman goes through when it comes to their menstrual cycle. Even so, all the women in my life like to share with me when it is that time of the month for them. I guess it’s because I have a trusting face. Nonetheless, I at least know that they need basic things when their period comes – like tampons.

Apparently, an ignorant male gas station clerk in Iowa doesn’t. And British singer/songwriter Mary Epworth had the unfortunate pleasure of interacting with him.

Epworth, who is currently on tour with the popular podcast “Welcome to Night Vale” was passing through Iowa and was in need of a box of tampons. She stopped by a gas station and when she went to go pay for them, the twentysomething male behind the counter refused to ring her up so he had a female coworker do it. Epworth managed to tweet the whole incident. 

Gross? Really? Is he in the 2nd grade? I wonder if he thinks that girls have cooties too.

Epworth said that the female ringing her up looked her in the eye like she knew it was ridiculous, indicating that this has happened many times before. Epworth wasn’t about to back down from the moron behind the counter. “I sort of argued with him a bit, and told him this happens to everyone,” she said. “He said ‘I don’t care. I wouldn’t even have them in my bathroom.’”

Then she tweeted her spot-on retaliation:

After not being able to educate the hard-headed gas station attendant about the natural things that happen in a woman’s body, she ended up flipping the bird – which he deserved. Not only because he is stupid, but because he wasn’t even doing his job! If he thinks this way about feminine hygiene products, I wish him all the luck in the world trying to find a girlfriend.

Source: Daily Dot