World’s Bravest Man Fights, Wins Against Grizzly Using Only His Bare Hands

Imagine that you’re just walking in the forest one day and you come across a grizzly bear. I don’t mean that you see one wandering in the forest that scuttles away when it starts to hear human footprints. I mean it sees you and you see it and it’s not happy with what it’s seeing. What would you do besides wish you had worn Scotchguarded underpants before you went on your hike? If you’re Chase Dellwo of Choteau, Montana, you fight the bear with your bare hands. 

You should see the other guy! He was a bear. Really, a bear.

Dellwo went on a bow hunt with his brother last Saturday. The two spotted a herd of elk and Dellwo decided to try and get closer by walking up a narrow creek bed to flush the animals out and get them moving towards his brother. Unfortunately, as Dellwo moved up the creek bed, he happened upon a sleeping grizzly bear. The bear lunged at Dellwo so quickly that he didn’t have time to even load his bow and it bit him on the top and back of his head. The bear went for him two more times until he remembered a piece of advice from his grandmother who had told him “large animals have bad gag reflexes.” So the third time the bear came for him, Dellwo reared his right arm back and shoved it down back of the bear’s throat. 

Good guy Dellwo says;

“I want everyone to know that it wasn’t the bear’s fault, he was as scared as I was.”

If your first thought is “I’m going to shove my arm down that.” You might be a manly man.

Thankfully, Dellwo’s grandmother was right because the bear left for good. He caught up with his brother who took him to the nearest hospital. Dellwo received at least a couple hundred stitches and staples from the attack on his head and face. He also sustained a swollen left eye and some deep puncture wounds on his right leg. He also still has his right arm that he should consider using in a human vs. robot fighting league someday in the future. 

Source: Great Falls Tribune