Man Posts Note For Carolers To Stay The Hell Away From His Home

Getting unexpected visitors after dark can be a little unnerving. Getting unexpected visitors who are standing on your step singing Christmas carols while you watch TV, well that’s the final straw. One home owner decided to cut off any possible nostalgia-seeking neighbors in the mood to celebrate the holiday by posting a bah-humbug of a note on his front door. The best part is he admits to never having any carolers visit before, so really he just seems like a nut for being that paranoid about it. Has there been a caroler epidemic we’re unaware of? If so, head to the bunker.

Here’s the full in-depth warning posted on his crabby door:

It’s half funny, half stay the hell away. Hey, I get it, keep your carols to yourself and let me just watch Key and Peele in peace! But let’s face it, most carolers usually approach homes that have decorated anyway. And something tells me this guy’s yard has about as much Christmas cheer as the Grinch’s stool.

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source: Above Average