This Fake Cop Was Arrested For Pulling Over Undercover Police Officers

People who impersonate police officers are fascinating and puzzling. There is a way that they can actually become a legal law enforcement officer but I guess there’s something about proper training that’s just too much work for them. Apparently they’d rather risk breaking the law in order to help enforce the law. Lucky for us, each story about a fake cop getting caught is more interesting than the next. In Lee County, Florida a man who has a long history of playing “Cops and Robbers” had his fake career end in the most ironic way possible; By trying to pull over real police officers.

John Arthur Benedict, 69, drives a Ford Crown Victoria. A perfect model that looks like a police cruiser, but he also has strobe lights with “police interceptor” tags displayed all over the car just to give it that official look. Last Saturday, Benedict was doing his normal duties as a fake cop when he noticed a car driving over the speed limit. So as any fake cop would do, had to pull over a car over and keep the citizens in line. Unfortunately he didn’t realize he had just pulled over an unmarked police car filled with actual police detectives. One of the detectives that was pulled over by Benedict said they noticed the flashing strobe lights from Benedict’s car and began to pull over, but the Crown Victoria suddenly took off just as they were pulling over to the side of the road. When they realized that it wasn’t an actual cop car, they took off after it and found it in the parking lot of a supermarket. Because that’s where old people go to hide.

Benedict told the local press that he just had a “senior moment” and denied impersonating a police officer, even though he was driving a car with police stickers and strobe lights all over it. His son and ex-wife told police that he’s been impersonating an officer for awhile and was even busted for pretending to be a cop in another state. However, Benedict continued to deny the claims that he was impersonating a cop.

Since a lot of people do impersonate police officers, there’s an actual phone number you can call in the case you don’t feel like everything is on the up and up. If you come across a loon posing as a cop, call 239-477-1000.

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source: NBC-2